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Struggling to maintain a healthy weight can feel like a never-ending cycle, especially if you’re attempting to do it alone. The providers at Joie de Vivre offer HCG weight management to help you achieve your goals at Joie De Vivre Medical Spa. If you live in Canton, Ohio and are interested in learning more about medically assisted weight loss, book an appointment online or by calling the office today.

hCG Weight Management Q & A

What is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet is an extreme weight loss plan that can help you lose as much as one to two pounds per day. During the process, you consume an ultra-low-calorie diet of 500 calories or less and receive human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a protein produced during pregnancy, through injections.

Like any extremely restrictive diet, it’s essential to follow this plan under the care of a medical professional. The HCG diet isn't a treatment for obesity, and it takes a lot of willpower, but when done safely, it’s one of the most effective diets out there.

What is the HCG weight management process?

The HCG diet is low-calorie and low-fat. A typical meal plan may recommend clean eating with specific foods you will be counseled on and given official Iapam materials at your first visit.  The hCG has three phases:

Loading phase

The loading phase lasts for two days and involves HCG injections and eating foods that are high-calorie and high-fat.

Weight loss phase

Depending on the amount of weight you’re trying to lose, the weight loss phase can last anywhere from three to six weeks. During this phase, you continue to receive HCG injections and eat no more than 500 calories a day.

Maintenance phase

HCG injections are stopped during the final phase. Over the course of three weeks, caloric amounts are slowly increased, but you continue to avoid sugar and starch.

If you need to lose a lot of weight, the diet recommends you repeat all three phases several times. Fat and sugar should be avoided throughout the entire program, and staying hydrated is essential. Coffee and tea are allowed, in addition to a lot of water.

What are the benefits of medically supervised weight loss?

Working one on one with an expert like Theresa Phillips or Dr. Franz means you’ll receive a customized treatment plan that’s specific to your individual needs and goals.

Unlike dieting without support, medically supervised weight loss not only encourages accountability, but it also ensures your health is regularly monitored. That's especially important for extreme diets to ensure your safety and to make any necessary adjustments along the way.

Medical supervision is essential for preventing potentially dangerous side effects that may come from extreme dieting. Knowing you can feel confident in your provider’s care means you’ll have more time to focus on your goal.

To learn more about the HCG diet and whether it’s right for you, call Joie De Vivre Medical Spa or book an appointment online today.