Radiation Tattoo Removal


Take your last step toward recovery with Joie de Vivre’s free PicoSure®radiation tattoo removal treatments.

During cancer radiation, a small blue or black tattoo is applied on a patient’s skin to accurately aim the radiation, and for many survivors, tattoo removal is the final step toward full recovery. That’s why at Joie de Vivre, we are offering all breast cancer survivors a chance to start anew with free PicoSure tattoo removal treatments.

How PicoSure Works:

PicoSure’s patented PressureWave™ technology gently delivers ultra-short pulses of energy to the tattoo ink in trillionths of a second, without injuring the surrounding skin. This energy shatters the ink into tiny particles that are easily eliminated by the body. 

PicoSure Benefits:

  • Fewer treatments with better results
  • Faster total recovery time
  • Better at removing stubborn black and blue ink
  • Less painful than nanosecond laser removal
  • Effective on previously treated tattoos with resistant ink areas
  • Effective on benign pigment lesions (i.e., brown spots)

In order to receive PicoSure treatments, patients must provide an official letter from their oncologist or radiologist approving the removal of any radiation marks or tattoos.

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