Military Tattoo Removal


While most clients seeking laser tattoo removal have a simple case of “tattoo remorse,” it is not so with men and women planning to enlist in the military.

The U.S. Army has issued a stricter policy on grooming and appearance (as of September 2013) that requires new recruits to not have visible tattoos below their elbows and knees or above their necklines. In addition, any tattoos deemed sexist, indecent, racist or extremist must also be removed, regardless of location on the body (as is already the Army’s policy.) Also, keep in mind that each branch of the military has its own regulations, some more strict than others.

If you have tattoos on bodily areas in violation of the Army policy on appearance, Joie de Vivre is here to help. We offer the Pico-Sure™ tattoo removal process which requires fewer treatments and is more effective at removing stubborn colors.

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