How long does the hCG diet weight loss program last?

The hcG weight loss program can last from 21-45 days with a 6-week post maintenance.

What is included in your hCG program?

If you choose to participate in the hCG diet program, you will receive the official IAPAM booklet, a physical performed by Dr. Gurney, weekly multiple vitamin injections, the hCG injections and weekly visits with our diet coach.

What is the set up of the hCG diet?

The schedule consists of 2 days of a gorge, 21 to 45 days of active phase which includes daily injection of hCG and a 500 calorie diet, followed by 6 weeks of maintenance. The first 3 weeks of maintenance is a 1500 calorie diet without starches. Then you can slowly add starches back into your diet in the fourth and fifth weeks.

Is the hCG diet right for me?

Carb consumption is very limited with the hCG diet, and individuals who are on the hCG diet are only able to engage in light exercise. If you struggle with dieting or are used to very intense workouts, the hCG diet may not be right for you. The hCG diet is also not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, or individuals with serious medical conditions.

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