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As a gastroenterologist, I specialize in all disorders of the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Because the gastrointestinal tract is responsible for nutrition, the problems with nutrition generally fall into my lap. I am often asked to see patients with weight loss, vitamin deficiencies, or malnutrition. It has always seemed to me logical that gastroenterologists should be also involved with over nutrition (obesity). I have long followed the efforts to develop various medications, surgical techniques or endoscopic techniques to treat obesity. Unfortunately, the only area of long-term success has been in surgical management such as gastric bypass.  These operations certainly result in both short and long-term weight loss, but unfortunately, they too often result in undesirable long-term side effects and complications. The GI tract is usually never the same.

The only non-surgical management which has ever shown any success is diets. Over the years, I have tried almost every weight loss diet to come along, both for myself and for my patients. These diets include Adkins, zone, Jenny Craig, Elemental, Pritikan, vegan, Weight Watchers, exercise, purification, simple sugar diet, grapefruit, liquid protein,…to name a few. Generally speaking, if there is a diet with a name, I have tried it. My general impression is that the weight loss is too slow or that the side effects of being on the diet are unsustainable over the long term.  So, last year with all the hype over the hCG diet, I naturally decided to try it. What happened both stunned and excited me. First of all, I couldn’t believe how healthy the foods were that I was eating. Second, I couldn’t believe how few calories I was eating and my level of hunger did not correspond with the dramatically low caloric consumption. Finally, I could not believe how fast the weight dissolved. It seems like every few days, I was pulling my belt in another notch. I lost almost a pound per day.  In fact, I had to stop the diet earlier than recommended because I was losing weight TOO FAST! This clearly was a game changer.

This was clearly a diet that I could offer people and expect that within 30 to 40 days, they could lose 20 to 40 pounds (or more) and rapidly change their health, prognosis, and their overall sense of well-being.

As the hCG diet has been more widely used over the past several years, data is also accumulating that the weight loss is a sustainable long-term and does not typically result in the yo-yo diet scene of virtually all other weight loss diets.

I can honestly say through my personal experience that the hCG diet is able to transform an individual faster and with better long-term effectiveness than any other medical maneuver except for bariatric surgery.

                - Dr. Gurney

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