Injectables After Treatment Information


Congrats! You just got Botox or Juvederm for the first time, and you deserve the beautiful look that awaits you. Over the next several days, as you start noticing your treatment take effect, you’ll want to abide by a few simple aftercare procedures to ensure your experience is great.

Juvederm Aftercare

  1. Juvederm requires a little more aftercare than Botox. Start with icing the area five times a day for the first several days, with 20 minutes on, then 20 minutes off.
  2. For any headache pain or pain at the injection site, Tylenol or Motrin will help provide relief.
  3. For any redness, welts or itching, over the counter, Benadryl is best.
  4. If you notice any lumps or bumps, massage with constant pressure for at least two minutes, and repeat four or five times per day.
  5. If you experience any severe side effects or complications, seek medical attention immediately.

Results from both Botox and Juvederm will gradually take place over the next few days or weeks. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions!

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