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Wrinkle Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do for my wrinkles?
How does the laser wrinkle treatment work?
How long does the wrinkle procedure take?
Are wrinkle treatments right for me?


What can I do for my wrinkles?
Laser wrinkle treatment is recommended for deeper, more difficult to treat creases and lines around the mouth, eyes and face.

We have several different options for wrinkles. The most basic treatment is good product selection and diligent use in combination with a good SPF product. We have 3 anti-aging skincare product lines that we stand behind and believe in. We have Botox and dermal fillers to fill and relax wrinkles. We also offer skin resurfacing to treat areas around the mouth and eyes. There is a broad spectrum of treatments for fine lines and wrinkles. We will consult with you individually to realistically best achieve your goals within your budget.

How does the laser wrinkle treatment work?
Joie de Vivre utilizes what's known as a non-ablative fractional laser to deliver light energy deep into the skin. This generates new skin that’s both smooth and even.

How long does the wrinkle procedure take?
Laser wrinkle treatment is a one-time procedure that can take as little as 30 minutes, dependent upon the area that is receiving treatment.


Are wrinkle treatments right for me?
If you have visible wrinkles, even when you are not making a face, wrinkle treatments may be right for you. Before you select a wrinkle treatment, you should consult a certified physician to discuss your treatment options based on your skin type and sensitivities. 

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