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I have always struggled with my weight and struggled with diets of all kind. Within only recent years have people asked me how I maintain my weight. My answer is always, "I work hard at it every day!" The key to not letting my weight get away from me is stepping on my scale every single morning. Diet and nutrition has become one of my top interests over the last several years, not only because I struggle to maintain and/or lose weight, but because obesity is an epidemic in our country. We have offered the hCG diet since before we even opened JdV. I am a believer in it's success in helping people shed weight and maintain it. It is not without pitfalls though. It is one tough diet! 500 calories is not much, and often you feel deprived. I love the success of hCG though. So many of our patients have had success! The problem I have as the diet counselor for hCG is compliance from my dieters. When I discovered Shape Reclaimed, I was intrigued especially because it mimicks the results and the theory of the original Dr. Simeons hCG diet. The major differences in the protocol are that it is not a hormone and it allows for more food consumption and a wider variety of food choices. It also allows some exercise. I have about 5-10 pounds to lose, what the heck? I tried it! I am now at the six week mark on this Shape journey, still continuing the drops because I feel so good. I remember saying when I started that I didn't have any real health concerns and was doing it for the diet only and to trial it for the Spa. On the fourth and fifth day, I felt like I got hit by a mack truck! Thank goodness for Endo trim.   It pulled me out of that funk. I now know that was my detoxification from processed foods and the release of toxins from my stored fat. So, starting on day 7, I was what I can only call "clear". I felt energetic, happy, and NOT food deprived. My scale was down 9 pounds at this point. In my mind, I was thinking, "OK, only two more weeks to go". Now, six weeks later, I am still taking the drops and am at a total of 14# weight loss. I can't remember a time when I felt this good. I absolutely realize now that I didn't have any idea how badly I felt before. A chronic hamstring issue, an intermittent headache, mood swings, to name a few, plagued me. The best news? This diet can be maintained (and successful!) without feeling deprived. I am very excited to introduce Shape Reclaimed to JdV starting in August 2016.     -Amy
I am SO excited!! I have truly found a diet/life style that I feel great on!!! I started Shape Reclaimed 2 months ago. One of the two main reasons was because I wasn't feeling that great, (kind of sluggish and my joints hurt). The second reason was the fact that my clothes did not fit. I was determined to give this an honest effort and be committed to what the instructions said to do. To my surprise it was EASY to follow day in and day out. Within just a few days I noticed a significant change. My joint pain subsided, especially in my elbow, hip and knee. My clothes started to fit great, and I was feeling energized throughout the entire day!! This life style of eating has many options. The best part is the way it is set up for longterm success. It is not just a "diet," it is a way of life. The end result is you look better and feel great! I am so grateful to have changed my eating habits so earily with remarkable results. Thanks again!     -Michel
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