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Kybella Before & After Photos

 Before and After 2 Kybella Treatments
Side profile of woman before and after Kybella injections from Joie de Vivre
 Same patient with front view
Woman before and after Kybella contouring injections from Joie de Vivre
I came to Joie de Vivre in February to discuss a way to take care of my double chin and neck fat. I started Kybella treatments and the results have been amazing! People keep commenting on how thin my face, jaw and neck look now. I could not be happier! -J 
 Results from just 1 Kybella Treatment
I have had amazing results from my Kybella treatments. I have had two treatments so far and I'm seeing amazing results. My profile is more defined. I did not feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure. I recommend having this done. It can totally change your profile, with no surgery! I also have had Botox and Venus freeze treatments, and Juvederm Voluma Xc. I have been so pleased with all the procedures.I would not go anywhere else for treatments. The staff is amazing and have a medical background and I feel that is so important. They have changed how I feel about myself and my confidence- Heidi 
Results after 2 Kybella Treatments
Profile of man before and after Kybella contouring injections at Joie de Vivre
I had recently lost 25 pounds and people weren't noticing. I believe because of stubborn fat in my neck area, so I decided to give Kybella a far so good. I think the pictures speak for themselves! -M 
Results after 2 Kybella Treatments
I have always been self conscious of my chin fat. I despise profile pictures as I age. I always felt it was a tell tale sign of my aging. That, in combination with a constant struggle with my body weight, it became a big concern for me. I dreaded photos being taken due to my double chin. "Hold that camera up!" I would say so others would not capture my double chin. Since I have had two treatments of Kybella, I no longer have that self consciousness. -Amy

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